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A better, more affordable ICBC

ICBC is changing to help make life more affordable in B.C.

The B.C. government and ICBC are creating a new way of doing auto insurance.

Coming May 2021*, Enhanced Care coverage will:

  • Save drivers approximately 20 per cent or $400, on average, on their auto insurance

  • Give all British Columbians access to significantly enhanced medical care, recovery and wage loss benefits if they’re hurt in a crash, regardless of who was responsible

How is this possible? With Enhanced Care coverage, the costs associated with our litigation-based system, like those for expensive lawyers and legal fees, are largely removed – and those savings will go toward lowering your rates and dramatically improving your benefits. You can have peace of mind knowing you’ll always get the care you need if you’re injured in a crash.

We're creating a better ICBC, for everyone.

*subject to approval by the Legislative Assembly

More affordable insurance rates
More affordable insurance rates
How are these changes possible?
How are these changes possible?